Book Ordering
  • How do I order books for the CEU Library?

  • Each academic department appoints a faculty member to work with the library to ensure that department's needs are duly met.

  • May I order materials directly without consulting my liaison faculty member?

  • Yes. The CEU Library supports the academic process and intellectual freedom for all faculty. However, these orders are subject to the same budget restraints as any other book requests.

  • What happens if I suggest a book online?

  • Submitting your suggestion does not automatically guarantee that your request will be fulfilled. All suggestions will be considered as part of our stock selection process and consulted with individual departments. If the student wants to make sure that the suggested book is ordered and purchased he/she should ask the Department to place an order with the Library. If you need information about a book which is on order, please contact our acquisiton librarian.

  • What is the budget for books at the Library?

  • Each academic department has been allotted a percentage of the total book budget. The total book budget varies depending on what the entire Fiscal Year Budget is for the library.

  • How long do I have to wait before the book is received?

  • Before a book order is submitted, the Acquisitions Librarian must do the following for each title: check for accuracy of publication information, including price and availability of the title (many books today go out-of-print after only a year) determine if the book is not already in the library collection. Most orders are submitted for purchase within a week of requesting. They are usually received within four to six weeks of ordering. Any book which has been ordered and not yet received by the Library will have an Order Status message on the record.

  • Does the Library purchase textbooks?

  • The Library does not purchase large amounts of text books for many reasons. They become missing very quickly and new editions are issued almost yearly. Also, with a limited budget the library would rather support students and faculty with materials to reinforce academic inquries.

  • What about a rush order?

  • Any rush order should be brought to the attention of the Acquisitions Librarian. The book jobbers can provide rush book service at an additional cost and the library has several other options. We will try to accommodate emergency needs but we greatly appreciate advance notice.

  • What happens when the book arrives in the library?

  • Books are received daily in the Acquisitions Area. The hardback books are immediately sent to the Cataloging Area to be entered into the on-line catalog and processed for circulation. This takes approximately two or three days. Please note that new paperback books are directly sent to the bookbinder. If you do not want wait for another three weeks, please, let us know as soon as possible, so we can single out your book in time.

  • How will I know when ordered books are available?

  • Please consult the catalog on a regular basis. You will only be notified of an individual title on request to the Acquisition Librarian. The list of newly catalogued books can be checked every day through our RSS Feed.

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